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ZB boys brew up a Gose blueberry beauty

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Introducing the Zeelandt Brewery East Coast Blueberry Gose – 

Gose (GOH-zeh) is an ancient beer style that was first brewed 1,000 years ago in the German town of Goslar. Originally named after the river that runs through the town. The Gose is a localised beer style, made with generous amounts of salt and coriander, it has picked up considerable popularity in the craft beer movement and now listed as a historical style in the BJCP guidelines.

The ZB team has had a yearning to produce a quality Gose for some time now, so when 100 kg of locally grown blueberries were made available to us from Gourmet Blueberries and we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.Blueberry field

ZB boys discussing gose

The Zeelandt Brewery East Coast Blueberry Gose comprises a classic Gose recipe of pilsner and wheat barley, early kettle additions of hops and late additions of salt and coriander. Fermented cool with kölsch yeast; each ingredient plays a significant role in bringing out the flavours, without anyone dominating the other. Blueberries were added towards the end of fermentation with a bit of a “wait and see” approach.

The beer appears hazy in the glass, it’s fruity and tart with an alc. vol of 5.1%. Once again showing its uniqueness, the Zeelandt Brewery East Coast Blueberry Gose presents the colour of Rosé as the berries have added floral, rose petal and peach like characteristics. When drinking this beer it should be noted that the only hop addition to the beer was for bittering. Salt, acid, coriander, yeast and blueberries all combine to have a significant impact on the mouthfeel, aroma and flavour.

This is a single batch and is available in keg only, so don’t miss out!

Come to Merry in the Making this Friday the 7th of December and be one of the first, to try this unique brew.