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New Zealand is named after the Dutch province of Zeelandt (meaning Sea Land) and New Zealand and beer go back a long way. Durable Dutch brown beer helped Abel Tasman and his thirsty crew make the long voyage to the South Pacific. Captain Cook was also known to knock up the odd brew for the boys. The name ‘Zeelandt’ (said Zay-land) reflects New Zealand’s enduring relationship with beer.

And just like beer has been a part of New Zealand since way back then, it’s been a big part of the Zeelandt brewing family too. Head brewer Chris’ great great grandfather started a brewery in Hororata near Christchurch back in the late 1880’s. Now that family tradition lives on at Zeelandt Brewery.

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Christopher opened Zeelandt Brewery in Eskdale, Hawke’s Bay in August 2012 to showcase the ‘true to style’ brewing philosophy that inspired him while travelling through Europe.

First working at St Austell Brewery in Cornwall UK in 2004, Christopher continued to hone his skills at Hallertau Brewery, Auckland before returning to the UK to complete his Diploma in Brewing Technology.

Christopher invites you to join the movement to re-introduce full flavoured, true to style beer to discerning consumers both in Hawke’s Bay and throughout New Zealand.

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It is the many classic beer styles found throughout Europe that inspire us here at Zeelandt Brewery. From the ales of Great Britain to the lagers of Germany, we recreate these styles by delving into their history and discovering what inspired these brewers and who was the beer they brewed intended for.

We source the best ingredients from New Zealand and around the world to deliver a glass of beer in the way it was originally intended.

The four beautiful seasons of Hawke’s Bay reflect when we release our seasonal range. Just as a new season brings change we change with it.

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