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Our Beer Range

Core Range

[our_beer_range ibu=”16″ abv=”5.0″ malt=”Lager Light and Gladiator from Gladfield, Canterbury.” hops=”Nelson grown Wakatu, Pacifica and German grown noble hop varieties. ” available=”Keg (50L), Bottle (500mL, 330mL)”][our_beer_range ibu=”35″ abv=”5.0″ malt=”Ale, Vienna and Gladiator.” hops=”Wakatu, Nelson Sauvin and Cascade (US).” available=”Keg (50L), Bottle (500mL, 330mL)”][our_beer_range ibu=”37″ abv=”5.0″ malt=”Pilsner and Gladitor grown in Canterbury and malted by Gladfield.” hops=”Wakatu, Pacifica and other German grown varieties.” available=”Keg (50L), Bottle (500mL)”][our_beer_range ibu=”35″ abv=”5.3″ malt=”Ale, Crystal Medium, Aurora from Gladfield, Canterbury.” hops=”Pacifica and English grown varieties. ” available=”Keg (50L), Bottle (500mL)”][our_beer_range available=”Keg (50L), Bottle (500mL)” ibu=”17″ abv=”5.0″ malt=”NZ grown Pilsner and German grown Vienna, ,melanoidin and black malt.” hops=”German varieties.”]

Limited Release

[our_beer_range available=”Keg (50L), Bottle (500mL)” ibu=”13″ malt=”German grown wheat and Munich malt.” hops=”Halertau Traditional from Germany.” abv=”4.3{9523e3a2b3a81aa162303029ea2fbc776c7c01a2fa5fe2902d81261c0acea64a}” id=””]