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Magnificent Malt – the hero of dark beers

Magnificent Malt – the hero of dark beers

One of our most important suppliers is Gladfield Malt. Malt is a critical ingredient in making beer, particularly in our winter seasonal range.

Why Malt?

Malt provides the sugars that are fermented by the yeast to create alcohol and CO2.They are the primary source of beer colour and contribute significantly to flavour and mouthfeel.

Malt at Zeelandt Brewery

Up to 200kg of malt a time is required for a brew, which means plenty of heavy lifting on every brew day. Assistant Brewer John Bradbury who will happily introduce you to the range of winter beers that feature Gladfield Malt.

Winter craft beers styles tend to be maltier, so now’s a great time to get familiar!


5 Generations of Malt

Gladfield Malt goes back five generations in Canterbury, renowned for its highly favoured growing conditions for malting barley.

From the selection of 23+ malt varieties, we source most of our barley from them in Hororata near Christchurch, which happens to be where Hororata Brewery was setup, by my great great grandfather (pictured) back in the 1880’s.

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