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Meet our newest recruit – Slim Jim


Meet our newest recruit – Slim Jim

We’ve introduced a new form of flagon. This is Slim Jim. He’s 500mL, a nice and convenient size that gives you another option for your flagon beer.

We still have the trusty 2.8L flagon for your big events, the 1 litre Pot and now the 500mL Slim Jim. Slim Jim allows you to fill up a few different styles up at a time and keep a couple in the fridge for the next day. With the unique swing top bottle stopper, your beer is kept fresh so there’s no fear of half empty flagons.


Here’s three new ways to enjoy Slim Jim

  1. Try the whole ZB range on tap with a 6 pack of Slim Jim’s
    Choose your favourite styles straight from the available taps at the brewery. This is a great way to try all the different styles available on tap if you’re new to ZB beer and plan on coming back.
  2. Try a new ZB style with a Slim Jim single
    For our ZB regulars who regularly refill their Camel, now you can add on a Slim Jim single and try a new style.
  3. Make your ZB flagon fill last longer
    Slim Jim helps keep your beer fresh when you are filling your flagon for a couple of nights. Now there’s no fear of half empty flagons.