Craft Beer Mixed Cases New Zealand (NZ)

Helles vs. Pils Case

Bohemia gifted pilsner to the world. As fashionable pilsner spread throughout Europe in the second half of the 1800’s, staunch Bavarian brewers fought off this foreign invader with their own golden lager style, helles.

6 x Jerry Rig (500mL), 6 x Good Thief (500mL)


Lager Box

Think all lager tastes the same? Think again. Lager beer comes in many styles and colours. What they share is a long, cold fermentation and maturation that gives them their distinctive clean, dry finish. Lager, lager, lager…

4 x Jerry Rig (500mL), 4 x Good Thief (500mL), 4 x Black Monk (500mL)


Pale Ale Case

Do you know your PPA from your XPA and your APA from your IPA? Well this might be for you. 2 new world pale ales, pacific pale ale and American pale ale supporting the hop growers.

6 x Four Stroke (500mL), 6 x Long Range Bomber (500mL)


Box of Ale

There were 3 men sitting in a pub. An Englishman, an American and a Kiwi… [insert remaining joke here]  In this box is an ale for all occasions.

4 x Four Stroke (500mL), 4 x Long Range Bomber (500mL), 4 x Guv’nor (500mL)


Hop Box

Some like it hoppy. 3 from our  range that get a bit of dry hop action.

4 x Four Stroke (500mL), 4 x Long Range Bomber (500mL), 4 x Finders Keepers (500mL)


Night and Day

Both malt forward clean, crisp lagers and both completely different in appearance and flavour profile. One for when the sun is up and one for when the sun is down.

6 x Black Monk (500mL), 6 x Jerry Rig (500mL)