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Event Managers Guide to Purchasing Keg Beer

Event Managers Guide to Purchasing Keg Beer

Keg beer is one of the best ways to enjoy beer. Beer tastes best when it’s fresh and there’s nothing fresher than picking up a keg of your favourite beer ready for celebrating at your event that evening.

We have provided kegs for Hawke’s Bay weddings, birthday parties, business functions and the old get together reunion! It’s not as complex as you may think, and adding quality beer to go with your wine selection can make your event stand out. Whether you’re the bride, groom or the one organising the drinks for your team, there are three questions that will help guide the best keg beer purchase for your event:

1. How many people are going?

You will need to know how many people you are expecting at your event, then we can help you decide whether you’ll need one or two kegs and whether you are best with the 30L keg size or 50L keg size.

Each 50L keg will pour around 144 glasses of beer, so if you have a group of 100 and 60% are drinking beer, then a keg would

2. What beer style is most appropriate?

Helles is a beer everyone can enjoy. It’s a bavarian style lager so it’s not heavily hopped, it’s not dark and it’s not malty. Equally, if you’ve got seasoned craft beer drinkers then of course they may appreciate styles with these attributes. In these situations, take a closer look at the Pale Ale, Pilsner and ESB; you choice of beer will be very much appreciated. One of the easiest ways to make a choice is to visit the brewery and we will take you through a tasting of all the beers on tap to help with your decision.

3. What else do I need with the kegs?

Everything you need is supplied by Zeelandt Brewery including beer tap and CO2 bottle hire. To pour the beer you will need a beer tap and a CO2 bottle that pressurises the keg to ensure great pouring beer from start to finish of the keg. Unlike the crude keg setups that rely on hand pumped air that you may recall from your uni days, you’ll be best off with a CO2 tank. CO2 keeps the beer pressure just right and can be adjusted using the tanks gauge.