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What’s the story with Porter

What’s the story with Porter

Ah, Porter, that tasty warming English brew, champion of the working man after a long day’s graft. Despite the fact that Porter is held in high regard as a great English beer, the Dutch were probably brewing it first, as early as the 14th century.

In fact, there is a Dutch ‘Poorter’ that was brewed in Zeelandt circa 1550 (the province, not our brewery), a good century and a half before Porter appeared in England. Poorter was a popular brown beer, especially amongst the working class.

In the seventeenth century more than half the breweries in London were run by the ‘Dutch’ as they were called. And even though there was a bit of fuss about breweries being owned and operated by foreigners, the Dutch introduced large and more complex brewing systems to England, and of course, great beer. Around 1720, Porter was brewed, and so began an English classic.

So it seemed entirely appropriate that we include Porter in the first of the Pilot Series of beers, and bring all this great history together in a bottle; a London Porter, brewed at Zeelandt (our brewery, not the province), and with a kiwi twist in the form of Nelson hops.

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