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Why bottle condition beer?

Why bottle condition beer?

We bottle condition our beers because this process carries out a secondary fermentation once inside the bottle. Bottle conditioning produces smooth and soft bubbles and provides a more enjoyable drinking experience. Smaller bubbles have a lighter carbonation on the tongue. Beer that is force carbonated can give you that burn in the back of the throat and the feeling of a bloated stomach. Bottle conditioning also helps to the beer to store longer.

To achieve secondary fermentation we add dextrose and yeast to the beer during bottling. This is consumed by the yeast in the bottle, producing CO² and fizzing up the beer. Over time, the yeast in suspension drops out and leaves a thin layer of sediment on the bottom of the bottle.

When you have a bottle conditioned product, it is important to keep the bottles stored in an upright position. When pouring the beer into a glass, leave the last few drops in the bottle so the beer remains clear.

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