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Hawke’s Bay Tap Takeover at Vulture’s Lane – Auckland

hawkes bay tap takeover

Hawke’s Bay Breweries have teamed together to introduce the best of Hawke’s Bay craft beer to Auckland in one location. Vulture’s Lane will host the Hawke’s Bay Tap Takeover Friday 12th February from 11am until close.

Zeelandt Brewery

Hefeweizen, Pilsner & Helles

PLUS a Brand new style to be announced (next week at Common Room Bar, Hastings on 29th January)


Made in the southern German style; wheat, Vienna and pilsner malt combine with a famous Bavarian yeast strain. This wheat beer has a bready palate and soft bitterness. Hefeweizen is a very refreshing beer that is best enjoyed in a beer garden and leather shorts.

Pale Ale

A classic pale ale that delivers a glass full of hoppy flavour. This bright, copper coloured beer has a malty backbone, wonderfully balanced with citrus hop flavour and a clean, refreshing finish. This pale ale leaves you wanting more.


Helles is a blonde lager and is the style of choice in the famous beer halls of Munich. This lager has a juicy malt profile with medium to low hop bitterness.

Fat Monk Brewing

American IPA & Pilsner

Fat Monk American IPA

Using a American Ale yeast, this is a beast of a beer, which is high in alcohol and hop bitterness as an IPA should be. We have used all the soft bitterness hops however, to create a surreal explosion of hop flavour from the latest and greatest hops on the planet.Pine, citrus, orange & tropical fruits dominate the flavour and aroma of this beer.

Fat Monk Pilsner

Using a bavarian larger yeast strain and traditional malts, this is a great in style beer. We use New World hops to give it a twist. Tastes of citrus & orange. Nice dry hop aroma. Refreshingly crisp & dry.

Brave Brewing

Extra Pale Ale & NEW IPA

Brave Brewing Extra Pale Ale

Our interpretation of an American Pale Ale, the style that kickstarted modern brewings obsession with hops. This beer pays homage to the infamous Simcoe hop, a cult favourite in the Pacific Northwest, where the style was born. EPA has an expressive hop flavour and aroma, but keeps the bitterness low and the body light.

Giant Brewing

New Zealand Pale Ale & IPA

Giant Brewing NZPA

An India Pale Ale with a mix of old and new age hops, plenty of body and some caramel sweetness in the malt.

Giant Brewing IPA

A Pale Ale with solid malt base and four New Zealand hops used in multiple additions in the kettle and fermenter.

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