It’s the End of an Empire, no really!

//It’s the End of an Empire, no really!

It’s the End of an Empire, no really!

It was a dark and stormy night, the wind was howling and … that’s how it all started for our good friend the English IPA. Considered the most talked about and researched beer style throughout history is the India Pale Ale. It truly is a unique story of how this beer came to popularity in Britain and has been the subject of much debate among brewers, beer lovers and historians. (You can read more about it in a previous blog post here.)

At Zeelandt Brewery we like variety and that’s why every Hawke’s Bay season brings an opportunity to try, a new enchanting beer, an inspired seasonal.

Finders Keepers presented a more traditional side to an IPA and this August/September season brings about the winds of change and with it a chance for our customers to taste something new and fresh, Zeelandt Brewery presents our newest seasonal End of Empire or EoE.

The Flavour Profile

EoE is our 2018 modern take on an English IPA focusing on a more contemporary flavour profile. English hops have traditionally been known for their woody and earthy flavours which come from high levels of certain hop oils, in this case, humulene.

The United States took IPA (that was dying in its homeland) and reinvented it with theirZeelandt_packshot_End_of_Empire-22
own unique flavours. We wanted to take a little from the new and apply it to the old taking
English and US influences into consideration. The Zeelandt team then built up the malt
profile using English barley Golden Promise and Caramalt to add more depth of malt
flavour, providing a rounded mouthfeel.

Chris and Ben then looked at the hops and
purposefully selected hops with a high oil content that contribute citrus and peach
flavours that have helped make IPA what it is today. Admiral and Jester are varieties that are
high in oil, myrcene. In the case of Jester, the humulene content was very low (woody) and
very high in myrcene (citrus, peach) so there was a deliberate separation from the
traditional woody and earthy profile. Admiral still contributed humulene to remind the
consumer this is still an English style beer.

The resulting beer has produced an intense strawberries and cream aroma and flavour
which was an unexpectant but pleasant surprise. The perfect beer for Wimbledon!

The name End of Empire

Head Brewer – Chris Barber’s aim was to focus on what has changed over time with English IPA styles, from how they may have tasted in the height of the Empire to how they are interpreted now in the 21st-Century.

Finders Keepers is a reminder of a bygone era and End of Empire is a modern take on the style.

Why It’s Awesome?

The resulting beer is highly attenuated, making this 6.3% alc. vol. ale very drinkable. The mouthfeel and bitterness are very smooth with good flavour and aroma coming from the hops.

Chris and Ben hope that people drinking this beer will appreciate the creatively of what they were trying to achieve with the ingredients and the philosophy attached to this style of brewing.

Interested in trying this modern take on an IPA? Buy EoE online here.

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