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Brewers Notes – August 2020

By August 19, 2020 October 13th, 2020 No Comments

Brewer’s Notes is a monthly update of the latest happenings at the brewery through the eyes of Head Brewer Christopher Barber.

It’s been all go at the brewery lately with us brewing, testing, bottling, labelling and packaging. We have been busy brewing our Hefeweizen called Bishop’s Kick which will be ready for release soon and it’s tasting great! Bishop’s Kick features hints of banana, bubble gum and clove flavours and aromas, typical of a beer in this style. Our Hefeweizen is bottle conditioned which is the topic of this month’s Brewers Notes.

Bottle conditioning is the process of putting the beer through a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Also known as bottle fermentation. At Zeelandt Brewery we ferment and condition the beer as per normal but deliberately leave the beer under carbonated in the tank. Before bottling we add extra yeast and dextrose. Dextrose is yeast food and the yeast consume this in the bottle releasing CO₂. The CO₂ cannot escape thus carbonating the beer.

Bottle conditioning adds a fine carbonation and superior mouthfeel. For highly carbonated beer styles such as Bavarian wheat beer and Saison, the drinker can enjoy a high carbonation level without the prickly CO₂ sensation in the mouth and bloated feeling in the stomach. Yeast forms on the bottom of the bottle that can be roused back into suspension by rolling the bottle before pouring. This is done for Bavarian wheat beers to give fullness on the palate.

It’s a lot more work in the brewery to complete the bottle conditioning process but we believe it is well worth the effort.

Our bottle conditioned range is:

  • Workers Unite Saison Belgian farmhouse ale – Currently available
  • Finders Keepers IPA – Currently available
  • Bishop’s Kick Hefeweizen Wheat beer – Released in a couple of weeks!
  • Mary Smith 2020 Brut Pilsner – Available late Spring
  • Two Dukes Dunkelweizen (Dark wheat beer) – Released again in Autumn 2021

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram channels for future Brewer’s Notes editions.

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