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Finders Keepers IPA – A Beer with a Backstory

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BEER is for drinking, yes we know this. But beer is also an occasion for conversation—and, if good enough, a subject for it, too. That is where India Pale Ales, or IPAs, come into their own. Few beers incite and enrich conversation as much as IPAs. New Zealand breweries continue to amass a string of accolades, with IPAs seemingly [...]

Talking Pulling Cones with Christopher Barber and Ben Osborne

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As we wave goodbye to the beautiful Hawkes Bay Summer and welcome chilly Autumn nights, we also welcome the release of a new seasonal beer to the Zeelandt Brewery line-up. That's the beautiful thing about seasonal beers, every few months brings something different, a change and an opportunity for our consumers to try something new. This [...]

Bareknuckle Brewery BBQ – Sunday 31st January 2016

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WHERE: 14 Shaw Road, Eskdale. Basically 8 minutes past the airport. Take the first left towards Taupo or you’ll end up in Gisborne! WHAT: Lots of meat. Lots of Beer. WHEN: Up to you. We’ll be here from 11am to 6pm so come early, arrive for lunch… stay the afternoon or just pop in for [...]