An amber lager decoction mashed with smoked barley in the traditional method of Bamberg style beers.
5.5% Alc/Vol


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Once upon a time all beer was smoked. Barley was malted in wood-fired kilns until the introduction of coke heralded the first pale ales in England and, in turn, European pilsners. In Bamburg, North Bavaria, brewers never saw any reason to stop using wood. Local drinkers have always enjoyed the smoky flavour which makes for an extremely satisfying beer that pairs marvellously with pork and fatty foods.

We decided to collaborate with Small Gods to produce Brünhilde’s Fate that is made using German beechwood-smoked malt. We also decided to brew this using the traditional ‘decoction’ mash method which is a time intensive process of dividing and heating the mash in separate steps for a Maillard reaction creating melanoidins to result in a more complex, sweeter, darker beer. It was lagered for an extended period to result in a well-rounded beer with a crisp finish. Warrior maiden Brünhilde met her fate when she threw herself onto the funeral pyre of her true love Sigurd.

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Half Case (6 x 440mL), Case (12 x 440mL)

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