End of Empire is an English IPA made from toasty malts and a good dose of New Zealand and English hops. ABV 6.3%.

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“Things fall apart”. It’s some sort of law that everyone forgets about until they need to shift the blame for failure on to something intangible. So it’s no surprise that the British Empire is not what it was. It’s also no surprise that everything British that left Britain became something other than what it intended to be at the time. Somethings become worse, like Australia but somethings become infinitely better like the new style English IPA’s.

End of Empire is one of these. A melancholic and nostalgic journey back to the glory days of Pax Britannica with strong undertones of “Glad I don’t live there anymore”.

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6 PACK (6 X 500mL), CASE (12 x 500mL), 18 PACK (330mL)

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