Finders Keepers


An IPA that combines the best of both worlds; English barley and American hops.
6.5% Alc/Vol



A British IPA variant based on the life-sustaining IPA’s of those heroic 18th Century entrepreneurs who charmed their way around the world exchanging trinkets worth pennies for land worth billions. Naturally, one of the trinkets they traded was the fine IPA itself and some would argue that these well-hopped and malty beers were worth trading the odd bit of coastal property for.

Not people with any business sense obviously. Zeelandt Finders Keepers is based on an 18th-century recipe that uses only pale malt and Goldings hops. English barley Marris Otter, hops grown in East Kent and brewing yeast from Burton; this ale will have you singing ‘Rule, Britannia!’ before the foam settles.

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Half Case (6 x 440mL), Case (12 x 440mL)

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