GOOD THIEF (Pilsner)


Good Thief is a dry golden lager with snappy bitterness and up front hop flavour. ABV 5.0%

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An actual pilsner in the style of crafty old Josef Groll, who stole lager yeast from his native Bavaria in 1842 to make his signature style famous in Czechoslovakia and then the world. It’s therefore fitting that we blatantly stole his recipe to make a cheeky New Zealand pilsner without having to spend ages coming up with a recipe of our own. Your royalty cheque is in the mail Josef, honest!

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6 PACK (6 X 330mL), SLAB (24 x 330mL), HALF CASE (6 X 500mL), CASE (12 x 500mL), BRICK (18 x 330mL)

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