GUV’NOR (Extra Special Bitter)

Extra Special Bitter is an English pale ale and is considered to be the elder statesman of the pale ale family. Extra Special Bitter is made from toasty malts and a good dose of New Zealand and English hops. ABV 5.3%

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Extra Special Bitter was a revolt against the bland ales of war-rationing 1940’s England. It’s a two-finger salute to the creed of “less is more” and follows its own mantra, “more is better”. More malt, more hops, more solidarity for the common man. It’s been the engine oil of miners strikes, Britpop and heated arguments about the Premier League from Hull to the East End ever since. “God save the Queen and give us anuvor pint luv, I’m parched me”.

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6 PACK (6 X 330mL), SLAB (24 x 330mL), HALF CASE (6 X 500mL), CASE (12 x 500mL), 18 PACK (330mL)

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