After opening in 2012, Zeelandt Brewery quickly established itself as a premium craft brewery. Owner and head brewer Christopher set out with the aim of creating a range of premium craft beer that was true to the origin on which each one in the range is based: a black lager as brewed by Bavarian monks, a punchy American pale ale, a mellow Munich beer hall lager, a German pilsner and a fruity Pacific pale ale make up our core range, with seasonal specials released throughout the year. If you’re a fan of craft beer in NZ or you just love good tasting beer, you have to check out our selection for yourself.



The Zeelandt Story

Christopher Barber
Christopher invites you to join the movement to re-introduce, full flavoured, true to style beer to discerning consumers both in Hawkes Bay and throughout New Zealand.
Tom Heath is the newest member of the Zeelandt Brewery team. When it comes to brewing, Tom finds deciding on new brews the most exciting part of his job, the rest of the time it’s 95% cleaning and sanitising.


Opening Hours:

 Monday to Friday (9am-5pm)

Feel free to come past the brewery and purchase your favourite drop or fill up your flagons. Our new garden bar, Cone & Flower is currently under construction. Follow us on social media as we get closer and closer to opening day.

New Zealand Beer with a Difference

Inspired by the many great beer styles throughout Europe and made with the best local and imported ingredients. We produce a range of premium beer, each brew exhibiting the absolute best qualities of the traditional recipe on which it is based. Supporting our core range of beers are numerous seasonal releases all made with the same philosophy of brewing to style. Our approach is simple, and the result is complete satisfaction in a glass.

Buy Beer Online Or Visit Our Brewery Bar For Our Next Event

We hold several events during the year here at the brewery, at which guests can drink our range of beer and enjoy some great food and wine at the same time so if you’re anywhere near our Hawke’s Bay brewery at the right time, feel free to join us. For your regular supply, you can order anything you fancy from our core and seasonal ranges of craft beer, directly from our website.

With low delivery charges and a nationwide service, it’s easy to try our micro brew beer wherever you live. Our mixed cases are a great way to try our different beer styles before deciding on which ones to stock up on. If you already know what style of craft beer you like, feel free to order a slab or a case of your favourite one!

Delicious, Award Winning Craft Beer

Do you have a preference for certain flavour profiles when it comes to your New Zealand craft beer? Or are you the more the adventurous type who wants to try them all? Either way here at Zeelandt Brewery we believe we have you covered.

Hoppy as hell? Smooth, rich and malty? Hints of coffee and chocolate? Mellow with low hop bitterness? Full bodied wheat? Well-rounded? Sweet and dark? Clean and crisp? Full of cleansing bitterness? Our range of core beers alone gives you a dazzling amount of variety. Add to that our range of superb seasonal beer and now we’re really talking. We genuinely have a NZ craft beer to suit every palette and every occasion.


The history of New Zealand beer dates all the way back to the arrival of Captain Cook, who reputedly brewed the first ever batch in the 18th Century! From those early forays into beer in NZ, to the extravaganza of choice and quality that we see today, New Zealand beer has come a long way. By combining traditional methods, quality farming, favourable elements of nature, and a lot of science we at Zeelandt Brewery are helping to keep traditional brewing methods alive. As a progressive brewery we pride ourselves on adhering to the most stringent and professional of modern standards, and taking advantage of the vast improvements in some of the brewing processes that have occurred over the centuries. Creating the best craft beer in NZ really is an absolute passion for us, and we hope to always represent and respect the history of beer in New Zealand, and its continuing importance today.


From English bitter, to German Pilsener all of our local craft beer is lovingly crafted and brought to life in Aotearoa New Zealand using traditional European methods and recipes. We give each of them our own special twist, of course, but remain ever faithful to those glorious originals that have inspired a craft beer revolution here in New Zealand. The ability to buy beer online has been a game-changer for the NZ beer industry, and has led to increased interest in all aspects of our product. Tours are now a popular way to learn more, and really get a feel for the intricacies of the craft beer brewing process. Why not find out what all the fuss is about and have some craft beers delivered today?


Ask about our constantly rotating selection of premium craft beers.


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