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Zeelandt Brewery: Hawke’s Bay’s Beer of Choice

For a truly international range of beautifully crafted beer varieties, you just can’t go past Zeelandt Brewery’s core rage. Each brew tells a story, and with such a collection of unique flavours, there is sure to be a favourite for everyone. Whether you’re having a quiet beer at home after a hard day’s work or hosting a party for your friends and family, there’s a beer in our collection that will be just right for you.

There’s always a story to tell

You can only begin with the story behind the name of the brewery itself. New Zealand was named after the Dutch province of Zeelandt, (pronounced Zay-land) meaning Sea Land, and with the connections to olden day Europe in many of our brews, using the original name for our country was perfect. For a brewery that began with such a story, it was only appropriate to continue the storytelling tradition for every brew. From the Guvnor Extra Special Bitter, reciting the days of yore in old England with it’s bold and malty finish; to the cleansing bitterness of the Good Thief Pilsner – with the recipe appropriately stolen from its original creator, you’re sure to be inspired by the tall tales that go along with every sip.

A flavour for all occasions

There’s nothing quite like working up a thirst and quenching it with a nice cold beer. Our Four Stroke Pale Ale with its malty backbone and balanced tropical hop flavour is the perfect choice for the end of a hard day or a sunny Sunday session. Crossing the pond into the mighty U.S of A, our Long Bomber American Pale Ale is the beer that started it all, being light and easy to drink on any occasion. Inspired by the traditional ales of England this Pale Ale is a showcase of American hops with finishing flavours that kicked off the craft beer movement in the first place.

Award winning beer

Our lagers at Zeelandt Brewery, aren’t just good… They’re award winning! In our core range, the German golden lager, Jerry Rig Helles with its smooth, mellow finish has taken a gold star, but the real showstopper is our Black Monk Schwarzbier – a Bavarian black lager with smooth, rich malt flavours, hints of coffee and chocolate, and a dry clean finish. In 2020 alone Black Monk has been featured in Metro Magazine’s Top 20 Beers for 2020, had a write up in MiNDFOOD by their Master Sommelier and it ranked in the Top 30 at the 2020 New World Beer & Cider Awards. High praise indeed!

Don’t choose just one when you can have them all

Whether you’re an avid beer taster, or you just don’t like missing out on the good stuff, we’re not going to punish you! You can enjoy all the bold flavours of the Zeelandt Core Range with our Mix 6 Gift Box. Not only is it a great gift for a friend, but you can also take it as the perfect gift to yourself.

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